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DBF is an organization, offering turnkey projects and the guarantee of furnishings that are built like works of art, following that modus operandi that has always set this company above the rest.
Starting with an initial briefing, the concept of your private residence or villa (or apartment) takes shape,

and once approved we move on to the working plan and design, in line with the drafting of a detailed estimate that includes site management, surveys, artistic direction, and final testing once installed.
This is how a general idea or project leads to a final product, all under one roof, with DBF.

DBF also creates and manufactures furniture on a third party project, furniture designed to be “art that lives over time” through the creation of welcoming, refined, elegant environments, in which you can recognize yourself and find yourself as an individual, in other words, personalized environments that reflect the lifestyle of those who live there

Submit your projects –
We will create them with the utmost discretion,
even down to the smallest details

DBF kitchens,
masterpieces of style and technique

DBF kitchens are the result of specialized projects designed to meet specific needs regarding the practicality and elegance of the kitchen. These interiors are tailor-made and equipped with accessories and equipment that guarantee unparalleled functionality…
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The walk-in closet –
Art and culture behind the project

Creating a personalized custom project for the walk-in closet means conceiving a space dedicated to people who are full of emotions, where elegance, functionality and image come wonderfully together…
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