DBF, a company founded by Mosè Florian and Claudio Dal Bello in 1979, has its roots in the tradition of Cantù’s art furniture, where in principle no furniture can be created without two irreplaceable tools: man’s hands and heart.

Cantù furniture

DBF has always understood the most hidden secrets of the art of building, carving, polishing, lacquering and padding – secrets handed down from generation to generation…


Submit your projects –
we will create them with the utmost discretion,
even down to the smallest details

DBF is an organization, offering turnkey projects and the guarantee of furnishings that are built like works of art, following that modus operandi that has always set this company above the rest…


The long line
of tradition

Each DBF creation is singular, one-of-a-kind, distinguishing it as something that cannot be recreated, rather than those impersonal products.


Always update

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