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DBF offers a lifestyle that is based on a careful choice of taste, elegance, and practicality – each and every product is an expression of special research on form and material, to be experienced day in and day out.

Coll. Venice

Coll. Diva Dining room

Coll. Fenice day

Perfect in its
sophisticated elegance

Coll. Fenice Day

Coll. Villa Borghese Day

Coll. Masterpiece

The warmth of wood

Unmistakable. Thanks to elegance, the uniqueness of the carving, and decorations carried out by hand and using gold leaf, the display case gives the interior those qualities, emotions, sophistication, and warmth for an abode designed to offer that wonderful feeling of baroque style.

Coll. Masterpiece

Coll. S-10

Coll. S-70

Armony for home

Wood, a great protagonist, a play of colors, effects, materials and processes. The mix that creates the right harmony for living in the home is enhanced by the manufacturing skills of DBF craftsmen.

Coll. S-70

Coll. S-50

Coll. Gaia

Coll. Glamour