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Craftsmanship is not
just an idea

Craftsmanship is an attitude and yet at the same time also a philosophy of how a product or project is conceived, as well as that special beauty that it is able to give the interior where it is used.

The wood, a noble material

With great experience we carefully select the best timbers and let them mature without any hurry. We love wood and we know its secrets, because only in this way worked wood, noble material par excellence, becomes an artistic motif and excellence in the art of furniture is manifested.

The art of carving

New technology has changed only part of our modus operandi. Carving in solid wood are still today carried out with the same tools that were used centuries ago, with the experience that only years of hard work can offer.
Confident hands, through bygone movements, know exactly how to work the wood, enhancing its natural beauty and creating something that will last for years to come. In one word: Art

The polishing touches

With the utmost precision, tiny pieces of polychromatic wood types are cut, heated and brought together, as if by magic, to become wonderfulinlays – this is the art of creating, and moreover, valuing the beautiful things from the past.

Manual skills in
the art of upholstery

Understanding the art of upholstery means knowing the perfect mix of wood, high-quality materials, shapes, fabrics, leather and colours – to make a long story short: elegance.
The harmony of the piece wonderfully communicates the pursuit of beauty and exclusiveness.